My name is Eman Sharif . I was born on April 9th , Riffa is my Hometown.

I work as a Graphic Designer in an Advertising Company and I really love my Job!! I usually come up with crazy ideas, so I decided to start my own photography business.

So if anyone would like to have some great shots , you have to contact me on my email or my contact number (Click here)

Ill be so glad to see you guys.



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More photos on my flickr account


What's in our Studio?

- More than 10 different backgrounds and themes.

- Some nice funky accessories you can use for your portrait photography shoot.

- Samples of printed photos in all sizes.

And more...


A Big Thanks to..

 Allah first then my Mum and Dad for providing me the suitable ground. Thanx for building my dream studio dad, It's Great!!

My lovely Family  and Cousins  I love you all ..

Special thanx to my little pretty sister Amal Sharif (The Next Photography Artist) Improve your self more.. Trust me.. You are damn GOOD!!

All my Freej, Specialy Sara Abdulla, Rehab Al kooheji & Fatima Khalil thanx for your help and support.

Zahra Al Halwachi.. you are always pushing me to move forward, thanx alot

My Boss Mr.Sayed  thank you very much for supporting me. Jennet Orantes my lovely co-worker thank you very much for your great ideas.

All my FamilyFriends...

Thank you for everything.


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